Craig Ewert

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I feel like I've been skating for a while now in my professional career and I want to up my game, so to speak. In my field (IT) that means getting more involved with the techno-communities out there and claiming your space on the blogosphere to get some street cred. This blog will be my personal blog and I'll create another, tech-oriented blog.

It took the video of Craig Ewert committing assisted suicide that got me back on this blog thang again. As noted above I wanted to start a tech blog but the video of Mr. Ewert filled me with thoughts about life, death, freedom and family so I wanted to write them down. Digitally, of course. You know I'm not down with pen and paper.

I support his choice. I've had a will for several years now that says that if I become comatose without reasonable hope of recovery that the plug is to be pulled. I don't believe in submitting my family to a prolonged period of suffering that should be mine alone.

I don't mean to diminish the matter; this is a wrenching choice to have to make, but freedom is defined by what Mr. Ewert exercised: choice. Far too many people die in ways they do not choose and would not, given an opportunity.

Mr. Ewert's journey ends with dignity, in the company of the woman he loves. Hats off.



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