Windows Live Writer Rocks

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overview For three days now I’ve been searching for a way to post blog pictures to Blogger with Word 2007 with no success. The problem is the Upload Url and Source Url parameters required by Word 2007. The I tried several values for the Upload Url field; both the url from blogger and from PicasaWeb but still no success. The Source Url was even more difficult to figure out.

In the end I found out that Windows offers the Live Writer tool which is basically a tool for posting to blogs. It worked seamlessly, as you can tell by this post. I won’t be using Word to post to my blog anymore.

Also, I’m beginning to wonder why I’m using Blogger instead of Live Spaces since I’m a Microsoft guy and all… I’ll probably host my tech oriented blog there and compare the two. I do know off the bat that Spaces offers trackback and Blogger does not.

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